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Move-Out Procedures

  1. Refund of the full Security Deposit mailed within 21 days by Lessor to Lessee depends upon Lessee’s full performance of the following terms of this Agreement. To avoid deductions from the Security Deposit, Lessee agrees to the following:
    1. Lessee will deliver to Lessor a written notice of Lessee’s intent to vacate at least 30-days prior to vacating and shall vacate in strict compliance with such notice.
    2. Vacate and return of keys shall occur by 5:00pm; or Lessee will incur daily rent until all keys are returned including; common perimeter and mail box keys, and remote garage gate openers and other to the Manager on vacating the Premises or by certified mail to the Manager.
    3. Holdover: Lessee, occupant or guest may not hold over beyond the date contained in the move-out notice; if a holdover occurs, Lessor is entitled to damages, plus any expenses incurred due to this breach; Lessee is liable for additional rent and damages which may include damages due to Lessor’s loss of prospective new renters.
    4. Lessee to pay in full all rent, late charges and other charges, if any, according to the terms of the Lease Agreement;
    5. The Premises shall not be damaged or evidence thereof by any use of Lessee beyond ordinary wear and tear;
    6. The entire leased premises including, if any, stove, oven, filter(s), windows, blinds and screen(s), refrigerator, bathroom(s), closet(s), walls and carpets shall be cleaned professionally by a licensed, insured company, to Manager’s satisfaction, and such satisfaction, if expressed, shall be evidenced by a written cleaning-release of Lessor;
    7. To remove all personal property, including trash, from the leased premises and to dispose of same in proper disposal containers
  2. All costs for labor and materials for cleaning, repairs and replacement beyond ordinary wear and tear based on Premises condition following inspection will be deducted from the Security Deposit;
  3. Preliminary Move-Out Inspections: At Lessee’s request, preliminary move-out inspections are available at least 20-days prior to vacate and by appointment only.
    1. The Lessor is not responsible to move furnishings or personal belongings to complete the preliminary vacate inspection.
      1. An estimate for repairs is provided to Lessee for items beyond normal wear and tear.
      2. Additional charges may apply for items not disclosed by the Lessee, not visible or in plain sight to Lessor during pre-vacate inspection, or damages that have resulted between the period of the inspection and the vacate date.
  4. Lessee is responsible to provide to the Lessor a written forwarding address. Should Lessee’s be in a ‘roommate’ agreement, all Lessee’s shall designate a payee and payee forwarding address, whereby, the payee shall distribute the refund between all Lessee’s. Otherwise, Lessor shall pay all Lessee’s on a single check whereby a ‘Joint Bank Account’ shall be necessary to cash the refund.
  5. The premises shall be considered vacated after the premises, including storage and parking areas, are clear of all Lessee’s personal property (includes rubbish, keys and other property).
  6. Cleaning: Lessee must thoroughly clean the unit to Lessor’s satisfaction including doors, windows and blinds, bathrooms, kitchen appliances, patios, balconies, parking areas and storage rooms. Lessee is liable for reasonable cleaning charges.
  7. Excess Wear & Tear calculations are determined by prorating ‘Flooring’ over 60 months from the date of install and ‘Paint’ is prorated over 36 months. Using an example for a Tenancy lasting 16 months and the condition to re-carpet and paint are necessary due to conditions;
    1. The pass through for the new carpet is calculated at 44/60 or 73% of the cost to re-carpet.
    2. The pass through for paint is calculated at 20/36 or 56% of the cost to re-paint.
  8. Lessee shall not use any portion of the Security Deposit to offset any rent or other amounts that may be due to Lessor.
  9. The refund check will be payable jointly to all persons who appear as the Lessee on the Lease Agreement unless Lessees designate a written single payee to receive the refund. The written designation must be signed by each Lessee named on the Lease Agreement.
  10. Any alteration of the endorsement shall make the check null and void. Endorsement by Lessee constitutes a full and release of all claims against the Lessor, including any claim for the further refund of the Security Deposit.
  11. No Final Vacate Inspection. Lessee shall vacate and take photographs of the leased premises prior to vacate.